What Is A Pub Crawl And How To Get The Most Out Of It

Pub crawls are excursion where the guests visit several pubs or bars on a specific route and proceed to consume alcohol heavily. The typical pub crawl lasts between 3-4 hours. Participants visit every bar along the way and drink as they go between bars. Most patrons will attempt to get cheap alcohol. Many bars and pubs along the way provide discounts or happy hour when drinks are consumed in a relatively short period of time (typically between 2 and 3 hours).

These tours are extremely popular with students and young executives since they don’t require dues for membership, unlike clubs or bars. Pub crawls are therefore a popular drinking tour among young people. Foreign visitors who have never visited the city before and aren’t familiar with its bars also take pleasure in the tour.

Pub crawls are usually organized by local entrepreneurs who hire guides or tour coordinators to facilitate their tours. The guides will then present an itinerary that contains important information about each establishment along the route. These include the names of each establishment, locations, opening times and closing times, as well as locations of restrooms along the route. Participants are also given an opportunity to call emergency personnel should they need to.

The majority of pubs along the tour offer discounts on drinks for a certain time period set by each establishment. This is to draw customers to their establishments at onset of tour.

However, pubs that are near to each another might sign a “no-compete” agreement to limit the possibility of competition from customers during the specific timeframes. Drinking tours typically begin around 17:00 or 18:00 guides will usually inform participants about the first stop before leaving them in each pub.

Pub crawls are the most popular among college and university students. A lot of students host small drinking tours in order to make acquaintances and new friends they will enjoy with. Students can also make use of such tours to introduce new students who just arrived in the city to the landmarks, cities and establishments around the place.

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The Top 5 Rules for a Pub Crawl

1. Always begin at the beginning

It is crucial to begin your first crawl from the correct place. Begin by visiting a well-known bar. If you’re starting with other friends who’ve done crawls before ask them where they would recommend their favorite spot.

2. Drink Water

This is the main rule. Pub crawls can be fun however they can lead to dehydration, which can cause serious health issues. It’s very easy to forget how much you’ve had drink, which is why staying hydrated is essential. Make sure you drink the water each time you visit a bar. This will aid in easing your hangover , and help maintain a level of sobriety until you are at the next location.

3. Make a note of your receipts

Every bar on your list is within walking distance, which is why it’s best to record the amount of money you are spending. Note down the name of the first bar you visit and record a total of each drink. This will allow you to return to the bar you were at for a few more rounds before moving on to the next. It’s better to drink in a walkable distance rather than spend money on expensive taxis.

4. Be sure to pace yourself

This is a marathon not one that is a sprint. You should ensure that you’re spending enough time at each bar to enjoy a good experience without becoming too drunk at the end of the night. It’s not wise to be on an excursion to a bar only to get kicked out after a single round.

5. Help spread the word

As you approach the point where you’ve reached the end, it’s important that you inform others. Inform anyone that joins you for the ride at later bars about the places you’ve been and where you’re headed next. This will help them enjoy themselves more and allow everyone to share in the fun. Post a group photo at the conclusion of the pub crawl to Facebook or Twitter and give a shout out to each bar.

College students, best of luck! Pub Crawls are a great method to celebrate holidays last nights out, and other special occasions. Be sure you drink responsibly and have fun!