Things You Probably Don’t Know About Lightsabers

The lightsaber is one of the most popular weapon in science fiction and can be seen in Star Wars. Although the glowing blade has the ability to penetrate almost anything but it also produces a unique sound when you swing it around. The fascinating story behind these fantastic toys is interesting. They were made to be used in film production and also as toys for children wanting to play like them at home.

There are a myriad of stories regarding the Lightsaber’s past. It’s been a part of many battles, and its strength has only grown in time as technology improved. A few aspects of the official canon weren’t listed, despite being mentioned elsewhere. It also doesn’t include information on what colors each lightsaber ought to be based on where they originated from. The reason for this omission could have something to do with fact that Lucasfilm does not want any ambiguity within its universe , however there are still many who would like to know every specific, so it’s up to me to help those who are seeking answers.

They Were First Created by The Dark Side

While the lightsabers we know as well as love may be precursors to something more formidable Force sabers were invented by “Force Hounds” who worked for the Infinite Empire. These crystals with dark energy were utilized as weapons throughout their lives prior to when they evolved into what is now known as “lightsaber blades”.

Due to their ties with the Dark Side of The Force A lot of people on the light side were reluctant and even more so because the Force Saber’s connection to the Dark Side was too strong. These weapons could make the user a warrior for evil.

There’s More than Just Swords

While the typical lightsaber is typically shaped like a regular sword, it has been altered in numerous ways. One example is the “lightship”, which utilizes strands instead of one emitter at each end.

You’ll require an extra battery pack to power the First Lightsabers

The original lightsabers of the past were similar to the ones we’re using nowadays. They were powered by a faulty battery pack that was prone to overheating and produce hot wires however it’s not a surprise considering the inception of this weapon type back in the days of antiquity.

The Sith were determined to again advance lightsaber technology when they created an efficient power source for their lightsabers. It could be stored inside the handle.

A Lightsaber is able to penetrate almost anything

There is nothing a lightsaber cannot accomplish when it comes to cutting through any type of material. But, as with any weapon or tool it’s potential victims, particularly those who oppose to the use of these lightsabers, will do their best to not get damaged by this source of power.

Mandalorian iron bounty hunters are able to choose from a wide range of materials. Cortosis is a method to make lightsabers shorter, but is toxic for humans. It can also be refined into armor. Phrik is also resistant to blades for lightsabers, however, it isn’t able to do anything else.

Lightsabers created a problem for amphibious racers

Although there aren’t a lot of things that could stop an lightsaber’s ability to function however, water is something they must be conscious of. A few raindrops won’t cause harm to the weapon since it will simply steam and sizzle when it is exposed to the surface layer for too long prior to being immersed in liquid form , this time more securely covering up any signs of destruction until next time.

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