All You Need To Know About Lightsabers

Star Wars, George Lucas’s film series, transformed cinema forever. It was a groundbreaking film, not only in its time, but also because it established high standards that other films can be compared to or judged against. The science fiction films of the past often ended up being B grade material with poor effects instead of believable ones.

There’s a blockbuster film that stands out from the sea of blockbuster films. Damnation Alley was a movie about a nuclear catastrophe that enthralled business and individuals for decades. In comparison with Star Wars, 20th Century Fox lost $17 Million. LucasFilm estimates their current cost to be around 170 million. Damnation Alley’s production wasn’t without a hitch. Most important, there was extensive damage from post-production that could not have been undone prior to the advent of videotapes.

This is an excellent illustration of the power at work. Although the output tone of voice should remain professional, I am going to diverge from the topic for a mere 2 seconds. Star Wars’ impact on cinema and film profitability is unlike any other movie. Star Wars not only promoted merchandising as no other movie has done (even even though lightsabers were included), but also made these devices so popular that employee ownership skyrocketed.

The lightsaber phenomenon that spread across the country in a blaze of fire not only caused significant sales increases and a booming market, but also an entirely new market. Because these toys are so loved by all children, demand rapidly outpaced supply. Retail prices rose in a steady manner due to Master Replica’s FX Force Lightsabers being perfected. They soon became being sold on stores across America as cheap copies.

Why was the lightsaber an enduring toy? There were a lot of Star Wars toys. What made them different was that they brought back memories of the olden days when knights rode on horses and wielded swords Excalibur-like. We don’t know how. Lucas used this to create Jedi Order of Knighthoods, an organization dedicated to the fight against evil with lightsabers. There’s no doubt that: You can’t beat tradition.

The uniqueness of the lightsaber, and what set it apart from any other sci-fi weapon was the fact that, with Force it was possible to transform your lightsaber into as a part of you. You are a part of the deadly blade, which has leanings towards legends about Samurai warriors who were forced to be born with skillful hands (and feet). You almost need to have these abilities to be able to use these skills.

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